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I remember this scene! 

Just finished watching Tsuritama. One of the best anime I’ve ever watched. I’m so happy I watched it! I loved it from the first episode, and the last one didn’t disappoint me. Everything was perfect. What more could I want?

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I’m like “I like homos!” too.

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I’d love to freely-tumblr-around, but I know if I did I would be Sakamichi-spoiled to death.

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This… this scene!


KAGAMI BELIEVE ME when i’m saying that i feel exactly the same !

so let’s start like this with the review of ep. 7

Kuroko that watching Kagami started to think about the speech with Kise ! (more gayness thanks).

I don’t really know why but i was really moved in this part,…

I’ve had the same thought throughout the episode. Fangirls really have things in common don’t they? ;P

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Yes, they hinted touya and yukito quite a bit, though it’s subtle. They’re so cute though XD

Cool *-*

Well, strictly speaking, not just: We have Touya and Yukito for Shounen Ai, even Rika and Terada for Pedophilia (?) LOL

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Yesterday I watched all the released episodes of Tsuritama. I loved it… it’s really nice and enjoyable. It relaxes me. And Haru is too kawaii *-*

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Has Card Captor Sakura yaoi hints?

When I was a child I enjoyed watching Cardcaptor Sakura, but then the tv channel that aired it put it off. Years later I discovered they did that because of odd relationships or something like that. So now I’m quite confused @__@

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